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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Basic On Green Living #GreenEnvironmentPollution

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The Basic On Green Living

Do you want to make a difference? Are you concerned about the environment? Are you tired of all the pollution? It is not late to change your life for good, the process will be quite hard but it's worth the efforts. Once you turn green and except this way of life I guarantee you'll be wondering how could you have lived so far. I won't tell you to sell your car or stop using technology, all I'm asking is to revise your surrounding. In the article I'll give advice the choice whether to follow them or not is yours only.

What Is Green Living?

In this article you'll learn the basics of green living, what is good to change in your everyday life and why. How will these changes make a difference and a few words about the dangerous chemicals we're poisoning our body with. As a bonus I'll give you some homemade recipes for green cleaning, after all you're changing your life. First we'll start with the basic principal of green living, the rule of the three R-s – Reduce, reuse and recycle.

In order for your transformation to succeed you have to take baby steps, start with little things, otherwise it won't be long until you return to the former state. The first thing you can start with is to turn the water off, while you're brushing your teeth. It is not a big deal, but believe me when I say it matters, just imagine how much water we'll save if a hundred people do this. How do you feel about the idea of purchasing a bike? You don't have to use it all the time thats impossible, just the weekends.


Since most of us spend our day in front of the computer, with almost no activity at all, there should be a way to move out joints. Otherwise we'll become overweight and immobilized, which are both very dangerous for our health. That's where the bicycle takes place, use it as much as possible and you'll feel better just after a few days. This is because we're doing only mental work, by balancing it with physical we'll not only feel better, but also sleep calmer and wake up really relaxed.

Now let's talk about reducing the amount of electricity and water you're using everyday. I can't tell you to stop taking it for granted, but there are simple things you can do. Change your light bulbs with energy saving, there are many different types the choice is yours. Turn off the computer and laptop when you're going to bed. You're not using I right, then why it consumes electricity?

Turn the air conditioner a few degrees higher if it is hot and a few low if it is cold, that way you'll still feel good but you'll save energy. If you use warm or cold cycle in the washing-machine you'll save energy. And while we're talking about washing don't rinse the dishes before you put them into the machine that way you'll save a lot of water too. Don't turn the machine for just a few dishes, better wash them by hand.

While we're in the kitchen a few words about the rest of the tools, when you cook you can save electricity by preparing two meals at the same time in the oven. Help the environment by installing solar panels at home, that way you'll pay less for electricity and you won't harm the planet. There are many ways to reduce the consummation of electricity in your home you'll have to find the other by yourself. I almost forgot, try to reduce the time you spend under the shower and see the results form the bill.


Probably the most serious problem alongside with landfill air-pollution, but don't worry there are several things you can do in order to reduce it at least a little. Starting with paper, instead of brand new use recycled paper, and if possible replace it with cloth towels. They can be used multiple times and you'll help for the preservation of trees. Then you're making photo copies you can use both sides of the paper, that way you'll reduce paper waste.

Moreover you can add to your signature “Please consider the environment before printing this email”. As for the landfill (which is often associated with plastic) you can do so much, like stop using disposable products. This includes coffee cups, plastic bags, bottled water, etc. Do this for a week and you'll see the result, your trash will be less.


We have came to the essential part of the article, since everything we do is for the sake of the environment. Most chemicals can be found in our cleaning products, they're dangerous not only for the environment but also for our health. Therefore the best solution is to switch to green cleaners or make our own. I personally recommend the second option, because that way you'll be absolutely sure there will be no chemicals in the cleaning solution.

The recipes you'll find are numerous, but the basic ingredients are vinegar, washing/baking soda, water, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, lemon juice and essential oil. Having this ingredients you may make a solution for everything form window cleaner to laundry booster and softener. The truth is if you're going to star a green life you'll have to do a lot of sacrifices and some of them you won't like. Remember you have the power to change the future.

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  1. Make a change! This is a great advocacy. I love reading about recycling and related topics. Keep it up! :)

  2. one thing that can save out environment is to recycle so as we can reduce our waste as well.

  3. I am a nature lover and green is my favorite one.Hope we could get back to old days and get rid of all such pollutions around.

  4. I think if we are more conscious on green living, we would have a better world.

  5. I am trying to contribute to a greener environment by carrying my reusable bag all the time. It's my own little way of helping save mother earth. I would like to have solar panels on my roof hope the technology matures that it becomes accessible to many. Right now its requires a bit of an investment.

  6. Honestly, a lot of people think living green is difficult, and more expensive. This article just shows how easy it is to start.

  7. Great post. I'm hoping to go Green little by little

  8. Green living is easier said than done with everything we are so used to do and the thing we are so used to using. We really have to get dedicated to make it happen. - Fred

  9. I agee to Phylicia! Whats the use or trying right?

  10. What struck me is turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth. If all of us did this, we'll be able to save so much on water.

  11. For people who value comfort more than anything else, green living could be very difficult. It entails absolute will power and sacrifice to start.

  12. Shared with G+ and Facebook to spread awareness of this advocacy of yours..Go for #GreenLiving :)

  13. Well, the problem with over-modernization is that we tend to forget that we have one earth to take care of. And at times of climate change, green living should be the sparking plug to start a lifestyle change. That's IF they're willing to do so.

    Reduce is such a WORD (I mean, huge word): At times, I really got on my housemates for using electricity for their UNNECESSARY purposes, nor even when it comes to water facilities. (Well I had the right to do so more if I'm the one who used to pay for those bills).

  14. I wonder when can Green Living be truly be a way of life in our country. It is hard to practice in an instant.

  15. An article worth reading. Actually, we know all of these. It's just that we tend to put it in our subconscious and never mind about it. Thanks for reminding us of the basic things to consider for a healthy Green Living

  16. Now days, everyone wants to live life with city and cutting tree.. But one major problem we are facing of climate change.. It's a good article regarding the Green Living. Thanks for adding the more points here...


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