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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Clean Air Philippines with Biosphere Technology #GreenEnvironmentPollution

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Clean Air Philippines with Biosphere Technology #GreenEnvironmentPollution

The Philippines is considered a developing country. Its economy has greatly improved and can now compete in the global market thanks to developments in its industries in terms of technology. Unfortunately, as its technology advanced, the country's environmental programs failed to keep up with the pace and were left behind biting the dusts of pollution. Smog has become a constant presence in urban areas. The once clean and fresh air has become contaminated with high concentration of pollutants that threaten the health and even life of the citizens and other life forms. Fortunately, the blessing that can clean the air in the country is here and it is called Biosphere Technology.

Biosphere Technology is an enhanced gasification process that can generate electricity without any significant pollutants produced in the course. It makes use complex gasifier systems partnered with oxygen limiters to ensure minimal pollution is produced. The limiters come in the form of air tight containers that keep gaseous particles that are created during the process from escaping into the atmosphere. These gases are the roots of the greenhouse effect that causes global warming. The said gases are also the cause of the air pollution that now plagues the cities.

Biosphere Technology prevents further air pollution. When the creation of pollutants stops, the earth with its natural capabilities for recovery will be able to heal from the wounds inflicted by pollution. The air will gradually become fresh again and the skies will be clean of fog once more. Filipinos will once again be able to breathe clean and fresh air they so much long for. The desolation that has corrupted the air will finally be reversed.

The air pollution caused by emissions from solid wastes will also be eliminated by Biosphere Technology because this revolutionary process uses waste as its feedstock. It in effect destroys garbage to create energy. This will greatly help solve the Philippine's alarming dilemma on waste. The country is being plagued by its growing waste problems. The Filipino population is growing at a rapid pace, and the waste grows with it. Today, hundreds of dump-sites exist in the country and many of these contain piles of trash that reach mountainous heights. The currently being utilized waste management system of land-filling is insufficient to solve the problem especially since it does not really eliminates the waste but only relocates it.

Biosphere Technology will help answer the Philippine's craving for clean air and its pressing issues on waste management and disposal. It will empower the country's environment and allow it to keep up with the advancements being achieved by the industries. The environment no longer needs to be sacrificed to achieve industrial growth.

Source: Darewin Ocampo
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